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Новости со всего мира: от политики до мира цифровых технологий

The article is based on materials collected by the IPNEWS news agency in cooperation with the “Civil society UA”.

In the course of their own investigation, the journalists found that the alcoholic holding “Global Spirits” includes legal entities of Russian origin, namely LLC “Russian North” (TIN: 4720027123), LLC “Rodnik and K” (TIN: 5029047184), LLC “Crimean Wine house” (TIN: 9108001581), Megapolis LLC (TIN: 9102258220), Feodosiya Cognac and Wine Factory LLC (TIN: 9108118371).

It turned out that the enterprises of LLC “Crimean Wine House” and LLC “Feodosia Factory of Cognacs and Wines” are located on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. According to open registries, enterprises were re-registered from Ukrainian to Russian legislation in 2014, almost immediately after the occupation of the peninsula, at the height of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

The journalists found that the Crimean Wine House LLC enterprise supplies its products to the temporarily occupied Donetsk region with the DNR excise stamps. To confirm these facts, the journalists obtained material evidence in the form of the corresponding bottles and receipts about their purchase in the First Republican Supermarket, which operates on the territory of the DNR.

The journalists drew attention to the fact that on the bottle there was an inscription “Importer: LLC “Inter-Torg”, DNR, 86128, Makeevka, Gornyatsky district, st. Magistralnaya, 1″.

With this information, the journalists turned to the international customs system. A short search in which showed a direct contractual relationship between the Crimean Wine House LLC and the DNR enterprise Inter-Torg LLC.

According to this table, LLC “Crimean Wine House” exported, and LLC “Inter-Torg”, respectively, imported alcoholic products of the brands “Oreanda” and “ShustoFF”. In addition, the system contains the addresses of both the exporter and the importer.

In the course of their own investigation, the journalists through their channels purchased other alcoholic products of the officially registered Global Spirits brands in the occupied territory of Donetsk region. Namely – vodka “Pervak” and vodka “Khortitsa”, the producers of which turned out to be LLC “Russian North” and LLC “Rodnik and K”, respectively. The bottles were purchased in the same supermarket “First Republican Supermarket”, they also had stickers about the importer – Inter-Torg LLC.

After analyzing the international customs system, the journalists established the existence of contractual relations between OOO Russkiy Sever and OOO Inter-Torg, as well as between OOO Rodnik and K and OOO Inter-Torg.

For several years, the IPNEWS editorial office has stored alcoholic beverages produced at the Ukrainian enterprises of the Global Spirits alcohol holding, which also had DNR excise stamps, a sticker about the importer Inter-Torg LLC and was sold on the territory of the DNR. But for a long time, journalists could not get more detailed information about how these products were supplied to the “DPR”. In November 2021, journalists managed, through their sources, to gain access to the customs database of the Russian Federation, in which it turned out that in 2017, enterprises of Ukrainian origin in the alcohol holding “Global Spirits”, namely LLC “Ukrainian Distribution Company” and LLC “Odessa Cognac plant”, supplied their products to the “DNR” in transit through the Russian Federation under direct contracts. Among other things, journalists established the numbers of customs declarations for these supplies.

The next step, the journalists decided to find out who is the ultimate beneficiary of the above legal entities.

As of 2014 (the time of re-registration of the enterprise from Ukrainian to Russian legislation), the Crimean Wine House LLC was owned by the Cyprus offshore company Oxford AMG-77 Limited, registered at Cyprus, Nicosia, st. Aphrodites, 25, office 204, legal entity code – ΗΕ 205893.

In turn, the founder of the Cyprus offshore company Oxford AMG-77 Limited was another Cyprus offshore company MSD MARKETING SYSTEM DISTRIBUTION LIMITED, legal entity code – ΗΕ 359636.

In turn, the founder of the Cyprus offshore company MSD MARKETING SYSTEM DISTRIBUTION LIMITED was another Cyprus offshore company AMG-77 INVESTMENT LIMITED, legal entity code ΗΕ 204744.

The ultimate beneficiary of this entire chain at that time was personally a citizen of Ukraine Yevgeny Alexandrovich Chernyak, born on April 12, 1969. The series and number of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine is АС641182. After that, in December 2015, the ultimate beneficiary of this chain was Chernyak’s father Evgeny – Israeli citizen Alexander Borisovich Chernyak, born on February 18, 1946, Israeli citizen passport number – 29400355.

After analyzing the financial statements of the offshore company Oxford AMG-77 Limited, the journalists found that it regularly invests funds in the Crimean Wine House LLC.

The offshore company “Oxford AMG-77 Limited” deliberately introduces inaccurate statements in its financial statements, indicating that allegedly the Crimean Wine House is a legal entity of Ukrainian origin. Journalists believe that these inaccurate statements are made in order to hide information about the financing of an enterprise located in the occupied territory in order to avoid European sanctions.

All evidence was transferred to Ukrainian law enforcement officers. According to the materials, the Security Service of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings No. 22021080000000022, the investigation of which is ongoing today. But despite the full evidence base, the investigation is progressing very slowly, there is a feeling of a special delay in the course of the investigation.

The journalists published all the information they received on the website of their news agency – https://ipne.ws/. In turn, after the publication of materials on the website of the news agency, a DDoS attack was organized, which was aimed specifically at articles concerning the alcohol holding “Global Spirits”.

In addition, according to the editor-in-chief, journalists are constantly being pressured personally by Yevgeny Chernyak with the help of lawsuits to protect honor and dignity. To do this, Yevgeny Chernyak, through the people under his control, created a website https://ipnews.biz/ on which he publishes deliberately false information on behalf of journalists with the aim of further pressure on journalists. After the publication of the article, a scheme established over the years is used.

The Transcarpathian “blogger” controlled by Chernyak, Oksana Ivanovna Kovach, is distributing this article on her social networks, which essentially enables Chernyak to apply to the Mukachevo District Court. In which Chernyak has his own corrupt judge – Yuri Yuryevich Kutskir. In order to get to this particular judge, Chernyak files and withdraws his claim until the automatic distribution system points exactly to Kutskir. In turn, Judge Y. Kutskir, despite the complete lack of evidence in the form of communication between journalists and the site https://ipnews.biz/, makes judgments in the name of Ukraine, according to which he obliges journalists to pay moral compensation to Chernyak in the form of several thousand dollars for each claim separately. It is important to note that Chernyak uses this scheme to put pressure on Ukrainian citizens with the use of judge Kutskir not only in relation to IPNEWS journalists. On the official website of the judiciary, you can find a whole list of such episodes, in connection with which the journalists turned to the DBR with a corresponding decision. Similar decisions, but in smaller numbers, are made by the judge of the Leninsky District Court of the city of Zaporozhye – Turbina Tatyana Fedorovna.

According to these facts, the journalists filed a complaint with the Dnipro police department of the city of Zaporozhye, where only through the court was it possible to force the police to initiate criminal cases – No. 12020085050000583, No. 12020085050000559, which have been investigated since October 2020. In September 2021, journalists obtained a confession from the Dniprovskiy District Prosecutor’s Office that, within the framework of these cases, police officers were not taking sufficient investigative steps to establish the truth.

For the purpose of wider publicity, the journalists have repeatedly turned to central television channels, but have not received a single answer due to the fact that all channels receive money from the alcohol holding “Global Spirits” for advertising alcoholic beverages.

Thus, Yevgeny Chernyak and the alcohol holding “Global Spirits” are actively trading with the terrorist organization “Donetsk People’s Republic”, as a result of which he pays taxes to the budget of the terrorist organization, which essentially finances the terrorist organization. In addition, the alcohol holding “Global Spirits” owns enterprises in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, which were re-registered in accordance with Russian law immediately after the occupation of the peninsula, which in fact Yevgeny Chernyak recognizes the occupation of the Crimean peninsula. Using funds obtained illegally, Yevhen Chernyak puts pressure on journalists, which infringes on freedom of speech in Ukraine. Corrupt law enforcement agencies are in no hurry to investigate the illegal actions of Yevgeny Chernyak and the alcohol holding “Global Spirits”, and at the same time, corrupt Ukrainian courts rule in favor of Chernyak against journalists on far-fetched claims that have no legal basis.

This state of affairs suggests that Ukraine still remains far from a modern democratic society.

Russian version of the text: Алкогольный холдинг «Global Spirits» и Евгений Черняк финансирует террористов ЛДНР

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