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Cynical business: how Alla Landar’s company “Peter the Great” makes millions from deaths from COVID-19

Funeral mafia during a pandemic. The firm of Alla Landar “Peter the Great” is a monopolist in the market of funeral services in the Kiev region. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, Landar has put in her pocket at least UAH 75 million of super-profit, says blogger Yaroslav Bondarenko.

The office rents premises in almost all hospitals and morgues in the capital. The medical staff “strongly recommend” the relatives of the victims to contact her for a fee. Nowhere to go: the Kiev crematorium refuses to accept hearses with other logos.

Prices “Peter the Great” – from 23 thousand UAH. At the same time, the average price on the market of funeral services is 7-8 thousand UAH. Super profit on each corpse – UAH 15 thousand. Calculate how many residents of the Kiev region died, and multiply by 15,000. That’s how much Landar welded on the unfortunate.

Back in 2016, the AMCU took over the monopolist – Alla Landar paid off. Since then, law enforcement agencies have not been interested in her activities. Maybe it’s time?

P.S. This is the story of a large, but still one private company that makes money on deaths from COVID-19. Imagine the overall scale and don’t be surprised by anti-vaccine rallies.

Русский вариант текста: Похоронная фирма «Петр Великий» Аллы Ландар зарабатывает миллионы на ковидных смертях

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