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Новости со всего мира: от политики до мира цифровых технологий

буркин егор химпром

A few years ago, the Ukrainian public was shocked by the information that Ilya Kiva, a deputy from the pro-Russian party of Putin’s godfather OPPL, who has now fled to Moscow, received a bribe of half a million dollars for promoting the interests of a Russian drug cartel, whose leader was a certain Russian citizen Egor Burkin.

This previously convicted character has long been under the hood of law enforcement, but he almost always managed to get away from a well-deserved prison uniform with the help of big money and good connections. In addition to the time when Egor Burkin, aka Egor Levchenko, aka Artur Ermolaev, was caught red-handed and spent far from his best days.

But for now, these are just words. Let’s get to the facts. Burkin Egor Vasilyevich (aka Levchenko Egor, Ermolaev Artur, also nicknamed Mexican). Born October 24, 1989, native of the Republic of Belarus, Sterlitamak, accused of committing a crime under Part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (criminal case No. 4708713 of 06.10.2014, the type of search is federal, the preventive measure is a written undertaking not to leave). Burkin Yegor is wanted in Russia.

Burkin Egor Vasilyevich

Burkin Egor Vasilyevich from Khimprom, aka Levchenko Egor

He is the organizer of the Khimprom drug syndicate, a dollar billionaire who organized an extensive network of drug trafficking in the territory of the CIS countries through chat bots in Telegram and the Internet, through the so-called “bookmarks”, under the protection of the police.

“Khimprom” Egor Vasilyevich Burkin or Egor Vasilyevich Levchenko traded drugs on an industrial scale

At the same time, he still lives quietly in a huge house in Mexico, and his extensive network of offices, which brings Yegor Vasilyevich Levchenko millions of dollars, is still successfully functioning. Of these, communication is carried out with drug buyers and coordination of the actions of “mortgagers” on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

The “liquidation” of the KhimProm drug syndicate in Russia began in the Urals:

левченко егор

буркин левченко

The investigation found that in 2015, citizens of the Russian Federation organized the Khimprom online store to organize the sale of narcotic drugs, which posted information on the types, prices and methods of acquiring drugs.

At the same time, Russians, in order to recruit members of the drug group, were massively placed in the Ukrainian media with offers of employment for highly paid jobs as couriers or freight forwarders in Russia. Russian recruiting centers were located in Kyiv.

Candidates were interviewed using a polygraph, they were trained in short courses, in which they were explained the rules of electronic correspondence, the use of payment systems, the transportation and packaging of drugs, as well as how to organize hiding places.

Persons hired were given bank cards issued to the data of nominees, fictitious passports and driver’s licenses of citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as telecommunications devices with installed Internet messengers, through which they later received instructions from the organizers of the drug group.

“More than 4 tons of synthetic narcotic drugs, 3 tons 500 kilograms of precursors, 250 units of laboratory equipment, 9 cars, more than 2 million rubles, 18 general passports of the Russian Federation with signs of forgery were seized from illegal circulation. 67 members of the drug group were detained, 47 of whom are citizens of Ukraine”

Dryly stating the place of creation of the Khimprom organized crime group and the ethnic composition of the detainees, the Ministry of Internal Affairs continued to call the drug cartel an international criminal organization.

Having reported in early 2017 that the activities of the Khimprom drug syndicate had been suppressed, already in November 2018, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the completion of the criminal investigation initiated against the international criminal community involved in the illegal production and sale of synthetic drugs on Russian territory.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has published video footage showing a special operation to detain a large group of drug dealers.

It is known that since 2016 the main offices of Khimprom have been located in Ukraine, in particular in Kyiv. On the territory of our state, Yegor Burkin and his henchmen found support in the person of the then head of the department for combating drug crime, Ilya Kiva, who, receiving a monthly tribute, contributed to the growth and increase in the turnover of the drug cortel – as of 2018, Khimprom had about 20 offices in Ukraine , which employed about 200 operators who traded drugs in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In fact, a criminal organization was formed, with its own personnel officers, polygraph examiners and a “power bloc”.

In general, Ilya Kiva has been on the salary of the Khimprom syndicate since 2015. Then he headed the department of the National Police for combating drug-related crime. At the direction of Kiva, small drug dealers were repeatedly detained and small laboratories organized by chemistry students were destroyed. All these “successes” were called a farce by real professionals in the fight against drug trafficking.

The unimpeded criminal activities of the Khimprom drug syndicate continued on the territory of Ukraine until March 2019. Surprisingly, but back in the days of the former corrupt government of the then leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine, in March 2019, the largest special operation in the history of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the SBU was carried out, during which the Khimprom drug cortel was actually liquidated – at the same time it was about 70 searches were carried out, the activities of 15 illegal offices of Khimprom were stopped, about 30 active members of the criminal organization were detained and placed in a pre-trial detention center, narcotic drugs, firearms and explosives were seized, about 35 luxury cars used by criminals were arrested, funds in the amount of about 10 million US dollars, which were received by the leaders of Khimprom from the sale of narcotic drugs.

Many citizens of Ukraine and friendly countries remember the high-profile case of the Khimprom drug syndicate. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine to this day carries out the procedural management of the pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings included in the ERDR No. 4201800000000123 dated January 22, 2018 and in the criminal proceedings No.

In addition, the location of the Khimprom drug laboratory in the Kyiv region was later established, where more than 200 kg of a ready-made drug worth about 5 million US dollars and 10 tons of precursors were seized. In fact, the activities carried out by the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine (GPU and SBU) in the first half of this year forced the leaders of Khimprom to transfer their illegal activities outside our state.

Egor Burkin Khimprom


But, unfortunately, the situation with the Khimprom drug cortel Egor Vasilyevich Levchenko (aka Egor Burkin) in Ukraine did not follow the above scenario – Egor Burkin, whose millions of dollars were not “led” by the country’s law enforcement officers – the aggressor and the former “corrupt” The SBU managed to “acquire” complete loyalty to itself.

For your information – Egor Burkin, after the detention of members of Khimprom, offered investigators and prosecutors to produce 3 million dollars of the so-called “compensation” and later on 1. million US dollars monthly. As it became known, Egor Burkin, at the present time, agreed to remove the operational-investigative group for criminal proceedings from the pre-trial investigation.

burkin egor

Khimprom, Egor Burkin and SBU searches near “Egor Levchenko”

What did Egor Vasilyevich Burkin or Egor Vasilyevich Levchenko hide from justice?

One does not need to be a great specialist in law enforcement to understand that for such a large-scale production as “Khimprom” (has about 200 volumes), not only to dismiss investigators and prosecutors, but simply to change their composition is by no means advisable.


егор буркин

Буркин Химпром

Egor Burkin, Levchenko and Khimprom documents

At the same time, the situation in criminal proceedings was complicated by the presence of constant facts of intimidation of witnesses in the proceedings (members of the organized crime group committed 4 arson of witnesses’ apartments), threats against them, constant pressure on the investigation by organizing various “paid” rallies, corruption of judges of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, who, for cash rewards ranging from 10 to 100 thousand US dollars, made unreasonable decisions to change the preventive measures for suspects, transfer them from the temporary detention facility to a pre-trial detention center, challenge the prosecutor, remove arrests from property, and the like. So, 125 thousand dollars were “brought” to the court for changing the preventive measure for one of the suspects – Karnaushenko “Kira”.

Burkin Egor

Burkin Egor Khimprom case.

Egor Burkin and his accomplices were first detained and placed in a pre-trial detention center, where they should have been until now. But, thanks to “justice”, they were released and successfully left the territory of Ukraine, having escaped. Today they are in the countries of America, from where they continue their criminal activities.

Egor Burkin represented by Egor Levchenko bribed our justice for bloody millions Khimprom

Meanwhile, the criminal case of Khimprom Egor Vasilyevich Burkin is being covered up. Severed fingers and millions of cash in the case of the Khimprom drug cartel can finally be left without landings. The Pechersky District Court of Kyiv demands that the Office of the Prosecutor General close the high-profile case against the dealers from the Khimprom international drug cartel. After the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the Pechersk Court issued a new odious decision – Judge Ostapchuk again demands the closure of the case, which may involve citizens of the aggressor country. The corresponding ruling was issued by Judge Tatyana Ostapchuk on June 7, 2022. This time, the decision is more thoroughly substantiated and submitted to the Prosecutor General’s Office. The latter prepared an appeal. The Office of the Prosecutor General has already prepared an appeal against this decision, but there is a high probability that the case will still be closed.

Tatyana Ostapchuk

Judge of the Pechersk Court Tatyana Ostapchuk

It should be noted that the Khimprom group was created in 2014, and the turnover of the criminal “business” reached tens of millions of dollars. The composition included both citizens of Ukraine and citizens of other states, in particular, the Russian Federation. What the head of the GPU department Sergei Kiz said earlier. Drugs were sold through Internet sites and chat bots in the Telegram messenger, and the organization consisted of about 1,000 people. The overwhelming majority are citizens of Russia. Until 2017, the specified criminal organization, known as “Khimprom”, was actively working on the territory of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The then First Deputy Head of the SBU, Pavel Demchina, spoke about the strict rules established within the group itself.

“For you to understand what discipline was in this organization, I will tell you the following: individual members of the criminal organization today do not have fingers on their hands,” Demchina noted.

“For any violation of the rules of conspiracy, behavior, unauthorized contacts or the use of their own mobile phones at the workplace, specially trained people came and simply chopped off their fingers,” he said.

Activists of the All-Union Public Organization “Stop Corruption” followed the court hearings in the drug cartel case. They expressed fear that the criminals would be able to pay off Themis. The court really began to gradually release members of the group from custody.

StopKor also told who could be at the head of Khimprom. Then it was about Andrei Amirkhanyan (in the “wanted” section on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs he went under a different surname – Lemyshko, born in 1985) and Yegor Burkin (born in 1989, went under the name Levchenko on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “wanted”). But who will win in this story – dirty money or justice?

Буркин розыск

Screenshot: website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Interestingly, they are wanted by almost all countries of the world. Unfortunately, money is everything these days. Well, almost everything. In the meantime, Egor Vasilyevich Burkin remains at large, Khimprom continues to supply Ukrainians with drugs, and Russian crime with millions of dollars.

Now it is difficult to make predictions about the future of Khimprom and its leader Egor Vasilyevich Burkin in a warring country. But interest is the appearance of strange articles about the exploits of Levchenko Egor Vasilyevich. Such is the rebirth of a drug lord from Russia into a businessman from Ukraine.

Original text in Russian: Наркоторговец Егор Буркин (Левченко) и его “Химпром”: как Печерский суд отмазывает преступника

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