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FSB agent Maxim Krippa – casino Vulkan, Rostelecom and dirty deeds under the roof of the terrorist Malofeev

The evergreen partner of Max Polyakov, a dating swindler who killed a couple of missiles in the USA, a gambling raider, a porn mogul and just a scammer Maxim Krippa, has surfaced among the new owners of the Dnepr Hotel. Moreover, Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich did it clumsily and cheerfully.

The odious owner of the underground casino network Vulkan and partner of the sponsor of the LDNR terrorists Malofeev, as well as the dating guru and co-owner of illegal casinos Max Polyakov, surfaced among the new owners of the pompously sold Dnepr hotel in the center of Kyiv. The purchase is directly related to the businessman Maxim Krippa. According to the YouControl service, he owns a house in Brovary at the registration address Smartland – Kyiv, 130. In the neighborhood – at Kievskaya, 126 – several of his companies and a club are registered.

It is noteworthy that another owner is indicated in the Geocadastre near the site at Kievskaya 130, the Cypriot Absentem Limited. Two plots with one cadastral number on Kievskaya, 128 were issued for her and Krippa.

In early May of this year, the Prozorro website published information about the sale of a legendary 4-star hotel on Khreshchatyk with a picturesque view of the historical sights of Kyiv and the majestic Dnieper. Already in the summer, the State Property Fund put this hotel up for sale. The hotel was purchased by the Smartland company for 1 billion 111 million hryvnias, despite the fact that the starting price was only 80 million 923 thousand hryvnias, and 29 companies took part in the tender.

Krippa Maxim is an illegal multimillionaire from Brovary in London

Smartland is registered in Brovary. Its authorized capital is UAH 11.3 million. Head – Tereshchuk Maxim.

And yet, what does Krippa have to do with it? As it turned out, Maksimka surfaced among the owners of this very metropolitan hotel. According to the information on the YouControl website, he has a house in Brovary on Kyiv street No. 130, and this is the registration address of Smartland LLC. Also nearby, in houses No. 126 and No. 146, his companies and a club are also registered.

If you look at the Posipaki website, you will see that Maxim Vladimirovich Krippa appeared as an assistant to two deputies from the Batkivshchyna and even the Social Party. Well, as we wrote earlier, money does not smell for Maxim.

Maxim Krippa has been involved in the gambling business in Ukraine for a long time, he is associated with IT companies EvoPlay and Clone Fish. Crippa’s gambling partner was an American businessman with Ukrainian roots Max Polyakov, who made a fortune on dating and erotic web chats in Dnipro and Zaporozhye.

In the early 2010s, Polyakov and Krippa decided to expand their gambling assets and started a joint online casino business. The office of the joint company is located in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv.

The most successful acquisition of the Crippa-Polyakov group was the trademarks of slot machines Vulkan and Vulkan. EvoPlay acquired the exclusive rights to use the product under these names from Ritzio. All online casinos that previously operated under the Vulkan label were successfully closed by EvoPlay.

When EvoPlay dealt with the last competitors who worked under the Vulkan brand, Krippa and Polyakov began to develop gambling resources under this name with their own hands.

New “Volcanoes” began to appear in batches. Every day, a dozen similar gambling resources are launched with an identical design and set of games. Most of them have EvoPlay software products.

Brand owners personally churn out sites in huge volumes without indicating the owners and registration data. Thus, businessmen got the opportunity to earn money in markets where online gambling is prohibited. Neither Krippa nor Polyakov risk anything at the same time. Neither complaints nor courts can reach the real owners and prove their involvement in anonymous sites. The system works like the heads of a hydra. When one site is blocked, 10 clones appear with similar addresses and identical templates.

Feeling successful with Vulkans, Krippa and Polyakov expanded their activities by launching several more large-scale projects, including CasinoX and JoyCasino. These projects developed due to aggressive marketing, which Polyakov had already used in the promotion of dating resources. As a result, we all know that Batman was telling the Joker how to solve problems with access to JoyCasino at the moment of the final battle. However, not only Batman. Aggressive advertising led to a lot of memes on the Internet, which further contributed to the development of the gambling resources of Crippa and Polyakov.

In parallel with the work on the online casino, Maxim Krippa, with the support of Polyakov, decided to break into big politics. The businessman ran for the Kyiv City Council from the Samopomich party. He lost the election, but managed to make good money. Maxim Krippa created an alternative party list and started selling seats on this list.

Dozens of Ukrainian businessmen fell for the “divorce”. When the scam was revealed and it smelled of fried food, Krippa left for Russia and hid for a while. Here is what representatives of the Samopomich party, which was embroiled in a major scandal, said about this:

“We were surprised to learn that Maxim Krippa was selling seats in the next elections on behalf of the Samopomich association. The most striking thing in this story is the fact of the complete lack of adequacy of the people who managed to pay “contributions” for getting into the list for the next parliamentary elections, which no one has even compiled yet. After the party was contacted by representatives of law enforcement agencies, we are unsuccessfully trying to contact the former member of our political force, M. Krippa.”

How the scandal and the fraud case was hushed up remains a mystery. But shortly after that, Krippa returned to Ukraine again and continues to engage in gambling without hindrance. He was a defendant in several criminal cases related to the gambling business, but time after time he got away with it.

It is possible that Maxim Krippa and Max Polyakov also worked on other political projects. And, not only in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the impunity of IT businessmen and the huge opportunities that, despite legal prohibitions, have become available for a tandem in the field of online gambling in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Maxim Krippa — CEO Malofeev

Neither Krippa nor Polyakov ever got involved in politics on their own. Politics, especially in Ukraine, is of interest to one of Krippa’s key long-term partners, Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev.

Konstantin Malofeev

For a long time Maxim Krippa worked as a manager for Malofeev and promoted his projects in Ukraine. It was Malofeev who helped his CEO partially circumvent gambling bans in the Russian Federation. The online casinos of Maxim Krippa and his namesake Polyakov are blocked by Roskomnadzor, but are freely available to Rostelecom. It is difficult even for Malofeev to influence Roskomnadzor. But with the largest Internet provider in the country, things are different.

From 2010 to 2013, Konstantin Malofeev was the largest minority shareholder of the company – he owned a 7.22% stake in Rostelecom. The oligarch managed to put his manager Alexander Provotorov at the head of the company. Through it, Malofeev could make any changes to the list of sites blocked by the provider. It was then that Volcanoes, CasinoX and JoyCasino of Maxim Krippa and Max Polyakov began to disappear from the list of blocked sites. The price for the help of the oligarch was a part of the EvoPlay company and certain services in the political plane.

How does Maxim Krippa know how to dye, whiten?

Judging by the fact that Volcanoes and other gambling sites of Crippa-Polyakov are still available in the network of the provider Rostelecom, cooperation with the Russian oligarch continues successfully. But what is the price of this cooperation today?

PS from SKELET-info: Some characters are trying to remove this material from Google search results by contacting the Lumen service.

They complain about past material: Maxim Krippa, Vulkan casino and Rostelecom: Kremlin agent next to Sadovoye

Moreover, it contains a link to the original source: Maxim Krippa, Vulkan casino and Rostelecom: a Kremlin agent at the side of Sadovoe

And the site that “complains about copyright infringement” has the same link to the original source!

In general, the guys are trying in such a crooked way to remove mention of themselves from the Internet. Well…. They ran into themselves.

In general, what else to add? The next election is coming soon. Gradually, new-old shots emerge, but they do not reveal all of them. Will we see porn mogul, gaming giant and storyteller Maxim Krippa as a candidate? Not excluded. In any case, Maxim Krippa will not drown in a stream of white PR. Here we will try our best.

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