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Максим Криппа

Maxim Vladimirovich Krippa is a Ukrainian pseudo-entrepreneur.

It is worth paying tribute to the talents of our hero: he did not own any factories or plants, and is not even greedy for majestic steamships. He earned his money from gambling. Of course, not playing the “three axes”, so you can only get poorer. Maxim Krippa created and still owns the Vulcan online casino franchise. Moreover, he does this despite the current ban on this type of activity in almost all legal territories of the former USSR.

The most significant markets for Maksim Krippa’s Volcanoes are Russia and Ukraine. To earn money here and bring it to the West is a common practice of our capitalists. However, Krippa is not common in this either. He returns the money back, trying to legalize income. The fact is that in the West they began to look very askance at “inexplicable incomes.” And if earlier detectives had to prove that such and such were criminals in order to take away the money, now it is enough that our newfound slave of Queen Elizabeth No. 2 has no explanation for his wealth. This creates a demand for cleaning companies in Ukraine and Russia, which can provide a trickle of money.

Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich caught luck by the tail

Maxim Krippe was given an important task: to turn the Dnepr Hotel, which is located on the very bottom of Khreshchatyk, into one of such companies. At the same time, do not offend yourself or other participants in the transaction. And Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich coped with the matter completely. Almost. If not…

On the eve of Krippa, an interesting article was published on the pages of a British publication, an article was published where journalists talked about how Maxim Krippa got the Dnepr Hotel in the center of Kyiv. His past activities are related to stamping porn videos, illegal online gambling establishments, dating and even open crime. Although now Krippa M.V. he is not proud of this and is trying by hook or by crook to wash away the traces of his errors from the World Wide Web. Fake advertising is used, and information purge, which costs mind-boggling money, and much more. True, all this does not really help clean up the reputation, because there is too much real dirt. Interest in this person escalated after the name of Krippa appeared on the list of co-owners of the Dnepr Hotel. Everyone knows Maxim as a gambler and a very “fidgety” guy. He is able not only to delete objectionable information on the Internet, but also to invent completely new, untruthful facts. An example of this is a ostentatious fake interview, where allegedly, in the former, a simple cook from Minsk barely survived and was forced to earn extra money as a moderator on a porn site from such a life. True, apparently, Maxim Krippa liked the business, and later he began to do this on a larger scale. And in parallel with this activity, he joined the gaming business, enriching himself in all possible ways.

Maxim Krippa came from shady casinos and porn dating to big business

Given the demand for these two forbidden areas, the amount of income can only be imagined. Morality here, of course, does not smell, but for Maxim Kirpa, the main thing is profit.

Envious people reveal the secrets of Maxim Krippa’s biography

The basic rule of Maxim Kripp’s life is that money doesn’t smell. He strictly follows it, and even in one of the fictitious interviews he says that for him life is a game, a real casino, and sometimes even roulette. He plays this roulette extremely actively, because his person is of interest not only here, but also in the countries of the former Soviet Union and even in Europe. His billions were earned from fake dating sites, real pornographic sites and gambling. In fact, all this sounds scary only for us, but for Cripp himself, all this is everyday ordinary life. The most grandiose of the businesses of Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich is the online casino “Volcanoes”. This large-scale brainchild is opened from the IP address of a Russian provider. But despite the amount of revenue from the casino, the main income for him and his friend Maxim Polyakov is through gambling, namely from the EvoPlay company. Looking for ways to make money on illegal activities – Maxim Krippa will be the best adviser in such matters!

EvoPlay is considered the official operator of Volcanoes, which we often see advertisements while watching online movies. Annoying ads keep popping up at the most inopportune moment! The possessions of Maxim Krippa are extensive.

It is in vain to expect a truthful declaration from Maxim Kripp, so one has to be content with publicly available data. As described in the OpenData resource, in the possession of a person with the initials Krippa M.V. 7 companies:

Plus to the possessions – the hotel “Dnepr”. Recently, more and more information has appeared that Krippa bought himself another “toy” – the Dnepr Hotel and became one of its co-owners. “Dnepr” is located in a chic, promising place, which is preferred not by locals, but by foreign VIP vacationers. The history of the purchase and sale of the hotel began in May. A Prozorro source published a statement about putting up for sale this majestic hotel, located in the very heart of the capital – not far from the Dnieper, on the main Khreshchatyk street. A chic view, picturesque landscapes – the hotel can boast of all this. In just a couple of months, Dnepr was taken over by Smartland for 1 billion 111 million hryvnias. It is interesting that the starting price of the hotel was slightly higher than 80 million, and as many as 29 companies participated in the tender race.

Maxim Krippa – Proteus of modern times

Cripp’s main income is made on this company, although in fact the Casino is illegal both in our country and in Russia. So how does Maxim Krippa and his “colleagues” not only run their business, but do it more than successfully?

They enjoy life and do not pay attention to any laws. For them, they seem to be unwritten. They are unwritten for Maxim Cripp and his associates thanks to a reliable “roof” that covers them from all legislative hardships. Here, the well-known figure Mikhail Oseevsky, the head of the same Rostelecom, through whose IP the Vulcano website is registered, acts as a roof. The logic chain is obvious. It is also interesting that the provider himself scored on all the restrictions of Roskomnadzor. He calmly gives users access to the sites of Crippa-Poyalkov and makes money on this no less than the owners themselves.

Such a large-scale and significant event was announced even by the president himself on his Facebook page. Channel 112 created a detailed story about the tender for the purchase of the Dnepr Hotel.

Who became the owner of such a tasty morsel? According to publicly available sources, Maksym Tereshchuk manages the Brovary-based Smartland company, and the company’s authorized capital is only 11.3 million Ukrainian hryvnias.

Smartland Maxim Krippa – something like “Cunning Country”?

What does Maxim Krippa have to do with this story? As it turned out – the females are direct. It lists a house in Brovary at st. Kyiv 130. And this is a surprise – the address of Smartland LLC. The neighbors of the company on the same street are the club and the company of our hero, only they are located at numbers 146 and 126. Since Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich is a person who does not smell money, he found another unprincipled part-time job. Information appeared on the Posipaki website that Maxim Krippa became an assistant to two deputies of different parties at once.

Now, putting in one row all the achievements and zeal of Krippa, it is worth remembering that local elections are just around the corner. It is quite possible that in some of the lists of candidates we will again see the long-familiar name of the owner of the gaming business and porn sites.

Максим Криппа
Fake Maxim Krippa.

This story is about how the Kremlin agent and online casino owner Maxim Krippa is frankly weird online. In recent years, PR people for Mr. Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich have been actively posting amazing nonsense about the adventures of a volcanologist named Kripa, a Rostelecop employee with a similar nickname, and even about a black football player Krippa. Is it a joke? By no means! Thus, the gray eminence of the online casino and part-time member of Andrey Sadovy’s party “Self Help” became a meme not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. And all this is just for one thing – to score search results under the root.

Our colleagues the day before reported on Maxim Krippa’s attempt to “cheaply” place nonsense on sources of the From-Yua level. And, quite a successful attempt. So who is he – our unsinkable hero? A certain porn magnate and owner of illegal gambling establishments in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Maxim Vladimirovich Krippa, has repeatedly become a defendant in media investigations.

Moreover, the billionaire swindler was interested not only in the CIS, but also in the West. Krippa made a huge fortune on fake dating sites, porn business and gambling. Kremlin liaison under the wing of Self-Help Andrey Sadovoy lives in Moscow, London and Kyiv, proving a simple axiom – money does not smell. Considering that Maxim Krippa made his fortune thanks to online casinos and the porn business, this is by no means strange.

For professional scammers, the Internet eliminates any obstacles in distance and time and significantly reduces the risk of being grabbed by the hand, at the moment when it climbs into someone else’s pocket.

Ukrainian businessman Maxim Krippa is impossible to find in his Kiev office. It constantly runs between Kyiv, Moscow and London. It is even more difficult to find his name on the Internet, although the presence of a businessman on the Internet is extremely active and constant. Crippa learned how to make money out of nothing, using talented IT professionals and his amazing entrepreneurial spirit, along with his willingness to break any law if necessary. Moral problems never torment a businessman. After all, he is the owner of paid sites that are very dubious in their purpose. Some call him a gambling tycoon and porn mogul. Krippa has a role model. He started as an assistant to the IT genius Max Polyakov, who earned millions of dollars in pornography and fake dating in Ukraine and moved to the New World. The former citizen of Ukraine preferred to be called Max Polyakoff in the USA. Krippa’s exact plans are unknown, but his surname has already been adapted to Western standards.

Partner Max Polyakov started by opening a lot of dating sites in Dnipro and Zaporozhye. In modern parlance, this activity is called dating. At the same time, a novice IT businessman learned the ease with which one can deceive in network communication. For a successful start, you need a customer base. Attracting clients, instead of real profiles and photographs, Polyakov posted the data of non-existent, virtual people, and then things started to go. Real seekers of satellites and life partners poured into sites. For them, site administrators offered a lot of paid services ─ all sorts of VIP statuses, raising profiles to the top of lists, paid search, and a bunch of other “divorce” for money. The next step was to replenish all databases of sites with profiles of real-life “priestesses of love” with phone numbers or e-mail addresses. For lovers of frank “strawberries”, the option of access to erotic web chats has been added to the dating services. For this purpose, the businessman set up a dozen web studios with hundreds of models of different ages and builds. A huge virtual dating cloud was created with the help of Max Polyakov’s company Together Networks Limited. Then a businessman from the Dnieper tried himself in a new field. His company Murka took up the development of the online gambling business.

Hotel Dnipro: the top of Maxim Crippa’s way?

The paths in the business of both entrepreneurs turned out to be similar. Maxim Krippa also started to master the Internet business from fake dating, but he went further. He was attracted by the huge opportunities lurking in gambling. This is the name of various gambling and lotteries in the “network” version. Before providing virtual casino services to customers, Crippa mastered the gambling business in gambling halls. Through the firms EvoPlay and CloneFish he founded, he flooded Ukraine with Vulkan and Vulkan machine guns. The organizer of the gambling business carefully took his competitors out of the game in a completely legal way. Krippa bought the right to use the software products that form the “brain” of slot machines from the developer Ritzio. Nobody canceled copyright. Even in Ukraine. The only legal online gambling project of Krippa was the Champion-lottery.com online lottery. She did not last long. The Verkhovna Rada in 2009 adopted a law banning any activity that uses the possibilities of gambling.

Отель Днепр
The Dnepr Hotel is big, rundown and scary, but still expensive. If Max Polyakov drives fit girls.

However, Crippa quickly learned that it was costly and labor intensive to maintain gambling halls. It is necessary to pay rent, provide security, collection, answer the questions of numerous inspection and control structures, and most importantly, pay taxes. The Internet has freed the businessman from all this. Officially, online gambling is also banned in Ukraine, but Krippa found a way, or rather people, with the help of which this ban can be easily bypassed. The Ukrainian had excellent teachers. In addition to Polyakov, he learned the lessons taught by the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. In his youth, Krippa worked in the commercial structures of a Russian billionaire.

Макс Поляков
Maxim Krippa (Volcano), Konstantin Malofeev (Rostelecom), Max Polyakov (porn mogul)

The Orthodox businessman, and he calls himself that, has never shunned modern information technologies. At one time, he owned a 7.2% stake in one of the largest Russian mobile operators, Rostelecom. Malofeev’s influence on the company’s management in those years was so great that he put his confidant Alexander Provotorov at the head of it. A grateful student of Cripp gave his teacher a share in the gambling company EvoPlay. In response, the oligarch suggested to him a detour. By the way, online gambling is also banned in Russia. Roskomnadzor vigilantly monitors the Internet space and promptly blocks the operation of sites that provide such services. Law-abiding Russian Malofeev fully recouped the citizens of Ukraine.

The role of Rostelecom in the Maxim Krippa case

The successful gambling of Maxim Krippa was based on the maximum favored treatment from Rostelecom. Similar sites with IP-addresses of Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania, the Internet provider, following the decisions of Roskomnadzor, mercilessly blocked. However, the company’s operators were very selective in their approach to resources with Ukrainian IP addresses. Krippa’s websites had a “safety certificate”. He regularly updated their list and promptly transferred it to Rostelecom. To divert attention, trying not to arouse suspicion, Rostelecom still selectively restricted access to some Crippa sites, but he daily produced dozens of new gambling resources that came to replace the blocked ones. The mechanism for promoting gambling through the Internet was debugged quickly and accurately. The Ukrainian gambling businessman used the labels Vulkan, CasinoX, JoyCasino. Surely every user of the worldwide network is familiar with these names, unceremoniously invading the monitor screen. Another know-how of Crippa was that by purchasing pirated copies of famous gaming software Novomatic, NetEnt, Playtech, he found talented programmers who, on his order, made significant changes to the software. They introduced an algorithm of work into it, leading especially gamblers to complete ruin.

Maxim Krippa traded “Self-Help”

The patron of gambling orgy Konstantin Malofeev after 2013, as it were, withdrew from control over Rostelecom. The company has a new general manager. Alexander Provotorov was replaced by ex-deputy of the Ministry of Economic Development and former vice-governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Oseevsky. With the advent of a new character, Rostelecom’s love for the personality of Maxim Krippa not only did not disappear, but, on the contrary, acquired new shades. The Ukrainian often traveled to Moscow. New vistas dawned before him. At one time, the businessman tried to enter politics. He tried his hand at the elections to the Kyiv City Council, but lost. The defeat did not cause him any particular disorder. Still would! The election campaign brought him not expenses, but a good gesheft. He became a candidate for deputy from the political association “Self Help”. The sly businessman quickly got his bearings and started trading places on a completely virtual party list that existed only in his brain. Excitement and the desire to achieve success in an easy way turned out to be inherent not only in the lumpenized sections of the population, attributing the last penny to the “one-armed” bandits, but also in the owners of tight wallets. Krippa had no end of those wishing to make a pre-election contribution. After the elections, the fraud was revealed and a huge scandal erupted. Self-Help immediately disowned the scammer, but as it turned out, not for long.

Криппа Максим
Maxim Krippa talks about his alternative life.

In March 2019, presidential elections will be held in Ukraine. The leader of “Self-Help” Lviv head Andriy Sadovy does not hide his ambitions and readiness to compete with Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko who have set their teeth on edge. A regional politician needs a solid electoral fund. Such a service can be secretly provided to him by the Russian side. Crippa was once again active in the offices of Self Help. More frequent trips to Moscow indicate that he has taken on the role of intermediary between Sadov and Rostelecom chief Mikhail Oseevsky, who is still at the top of the Kremlin’s power. It remains now to wait and find out whom Maxim Krippa intends to deceive this time. Recently, a lot of namesakes have appeared on the network. An amazing occurrence for such a rare family name. All other Crippas, as a matter of fact, are exceptionally positive people and have not been seen in discrediting their connections or deeds.

Clearly custom-made materials indicate that the IT businessman is seriously engaged in whitewashing his name and creating a trustworthy image. It will definitely come in handy in the future. It’s just that Maxim Krippa doesn’t do anything. Internet croupier did not invent anything new. Asking for sins, Max Polyakov often visited Ukraine. Now he and his company Noosphere Ventures are not setting up web studios, but organizing innovative tournaments among programming students. Image in business is a guarantee for big earnings. So we are waiting for new interesting news stories from Maxim Krippa and Polyakov. We wait and believe that the guys will be able to.

Maxim Krippa, like Max Polyakov with his Exploded Fart-3 rocket, are the funniest characters who just can’t just relax and remain what they are – casino players and porn players. But this is also hard work, although condemned by an ungrateful society.

By the way, the role of Max Polyakov in the Dnepr scam is not clear. Does he share with Maxim Krippa or is it a separate project? It’s hard to say yet, time will tell.

Having no other legal income, he was deprived of the opportunity to rationally explain them. As a result, I could not even go to the studio, pretend to be smart, order decent articles about myself, and eventually do charity work.

Instead of all this, Maxim Vladimirovich simply pretended to be a blogger, a photographer, a cook, a scientist, a sociologist for a long time and carefully. Why is that? After all, no one was interested in him. It turned out that Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich was preparing to legalize his fortune and move it to the legal plane. The company behind Crippa bought the Dnepr Hotel for 1.1 billion hryvnias. The fact itself says rather that the hotel will be used for other financial transactions. Maksim Krippa and his accomplice Mak Polyakov will launder the capital they previously received from gambling and porn. At least this is the only explanation, since before this hotel business – like no other legal one – there was no border in Ukraine. Let’s see how they cope with this interesting task.

And finally, a bonus. Maxim Krippa: I was definitely hooked by the birth of an elephant in Evoplay. This is an animal shelter in Sri Lanka. The owner is my friend. “Evo Play” finds and nurses.

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