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Ilnar Mirsiyapov cleans up the Internet: what the 40-year-old billionaire official is hiding

Recently, a real stir began in the media around the non-public person Ilnar Mirsiyapov, who at the end of last year took the place of the deputy head of the secretariat A. Belousov.

How did a 40-year-old manager manage to soar up the career ladder so quickly despite a huge espionage scandal? How does an official clean up objectionable materials from the Internet? Was it true at the beginning of the year that the media wrote that Mirsiyapov was on the federal wanted list for large-scale fraud using his official position, or was it a fake? Read about this and more right now.

40-year-old Ilnar Ilbatyrovich is a non-public manager with experience from Chistopol, Tatar ASSR. Mirsiyapov has been implicated in a number of corruption, reputational and even espionage scandals in the past. They call him a raider. He is a defendant in the wiretapping case. Further – in more detail.

Who is Mirsiyapov and what is known about him

Trained as a manager, engineer, lawyer, and Spanish military interpreter. Candidate of Social and Economic Sciences.

Since 2004, he worked for a year in the oil pipeline state company Transneft as a specialist in the field of business information and analytics.

In 2006, he went to work in the structures of Rosatom, where he quickly climbed the career ladder. First, for a year he was deputy chief in the Department of Affairs of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy. Then, during the year, he was the director of the Administrative Support Department at JSC Atomenergoprom. And from 2008 to 2010, he worked as Deputy Director of the Department for Corporate Governance and Development of Rosatom.

Since the end of 2009, a new period of labor activity began for Mirsiyapov. He became an adviser to the head of the board of the energy company Inter RAO. From 2010 to 2018, he was a member of the company’s board and led the strategy and investment block. In Inter RAO, he was, in fact, the second most important person. He left the company after the arrest of another member of the board of the company, Karina Turcan, who was accused of espionage.

Ilnar Mirsiyapov

Over the next two years, he was an adviser to the head of the board of Prosvyazbank.

Over the years, he was a member of the board of OGK-1, Irkutskenergo, the Lithuanian company AB Inter RAO Lietuva, and the Finnish company RAO Nordic Oy. Also in Bashkirenergo and Mosenergosbyt he was the head of the board of directors for a number of years.

In the winter of 2020, he became an adviser and assistant to First Deputy Prime Minister A. Belousov. His sphere of influence included investment, tariff regulation, infrastructure industries.


Since the end of last year, he has been deputy head of the secretariat A. Belousov.

Ilnar Mirsiyapov: rapid rise up the career ladder despite the high-profile “spy” scandal

As you can see, Mirsiyapov climbed the career ladder very quickly, not dwelling on the achieved positions for a long time. Recently, the media have been actively talking about his person and the scandals associated with him. Many journalists began to wonder how Ilnar Ilbatyrovich managed to run up the career ladder at such a young age and get straight into the government corridors? Especially considering his involvement in a high-profile scandal involving espionage. Especially considering that in the government he oversees such key areas as: tariffs, investments, infrastructural areas of activity. How could this happen? Is it possible that no one there is aware of the details of the “spy” scandal?

What is known about the espionage scandal, after which Mirsiyapov “left” Inter RAO

Ilnar Ilbatyrovich lost his habitual feeder at Inter RAO after a high-profile scandal with ex-top manager Karina Tsurkan, who was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for spying for Moldova. Immediately after his arrest, Mirsiyapov lost his job, but at the same time he magically moved up the career ladder. Mysticism and more.

Карина Цуркан

Is the Internet being cleaned from scandalous materials about Mirsiyapov?

It is noteworthy that journalistic investigations about this person began to disappear from the network. But, as everyone knows, even if you take down the publication on the Internet, the virtual footprint remains. And also, do not forget that if you delete the original source, duplicates may remain.

Here, for example, is the material on the site “Version”.

Мирсияпов Ильнар

It was there and then it disappeared…

Ильнар Мирсияпов новости

Scandalous article on the site “Perm 59 online” about luxury real estate, Mirsiyapov’s expensive cars and more. It was, but it floated …

Ильнар Мирсияпов компромат

Another devastating material about Mirsiyapov on the Moment of Truth website, which is now gone.


And although the article was removed from the site, the entry was preserved on the Facebook page of the publication.

Ильнар Мирсияпов

And there are many more such scandalous materials, “which no longer exist”. About obscure incomes, expensive real estate and cars, about Mirsiyapov’s criminal connections, etc.

As you can see, the cleansing of the Internet is in full swing.

Mirsiyapov is on the federal wanted list? Is the information true or fake?

But the shock content on the Russian Reporter website dated January 20, 2022 that Mirsiyapov was put on the federal wanted list, still survived. Since it was not the original source, but a reprint, it is possible that they simply did not watch it.

Ильнар Мирсияпов чиновник

The material refers to the fact that the official is accused under Article 159.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, that is, of fraud on a large scale using his official position.

We also found another article that confirms this information.

Интер РАО

True or fake, the question is open, but in any case, there is no smoke without fire.

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