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Monaco suspects Odessa businessman Ruslan Tarpan of laundering criminal proceeds

The case is being investigated on the legalization of proceeds from crime.

The competent authorities of the Principality of Monaco appealed to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine with an international order to assist in the investigation of criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian businessman Ruslan Tarpan and his ex-wife Oksana Shishovsky. This was reported by the UNN news agency, referring to the document of the international order.

According to reports, the Principality of Monaco is requesting copies of documents and information on pre-trial investigations of criminal proceedings against Tarpan and Shishovsky, who are suspected of embezzlement, embezzlement and seizure of property on an especially large scale through abuse of office. Also, these persons are suspected of committing crimes by an organized group by prior conspiracy, in the preparation and issuance of deliberately false official documents, in the introduction of deliberately false information into official documents, in forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, their sale and use.

According to the data, the Principality of Monaco is investigating the case of money laundering from 2007 to 2017. The amount of funds transferred by the spouses to the accounts of various companies in the banks of Monaco is more than 21 million euros. At the same time, it is indicated that they came from Ukraine.

In 2017, the Information Service and the Financial Operations Control Service (SICCFIN) submitted a report to the Attorney General of Monaco on the facts of possible criminal significance. SICCFIN recorded that one of the banks stated that it was impossible to establish contact with Oksana Shishovsky. Subsequently, it turned out that Shishovskaya and Tarpan owned common accounts in the Bank of Monaco, through which the transit of doubtful funds, in particular, probably related to the Ukrainian project “Deep Water Release”, was carried out.

The document states that during the hearing in Monaco, Shishovskaya was unable to provide an explanation. That is why she was subsequently suspected of laundering the proceeds of crime and brought under legal control.

Let us remind you that Ukrainian law enforcement officers initiated several criminal cases against Ruslan Tarpan, related to the organization of forgery, the introduction of false information, the seizure of other people’s property through abuse of office, and money laundering. The prosecution believes that Tarpan, acting as part of an organized group, illegally seized 200 million hryvnias and attempted to seize 370 million hryvnias during the construction of a deep-water wastewater outlet from the Severnaya biological treatment plant.

Where the businessman is at the moment is unknown.

Русский вариант текста: Монако подозревает одесского бизнесмена Руслана Тарпана в «отмывании» преступных доходов

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