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Новости со всего мира: от политики до мира цифровых технологий

What does the change of Andrey Boginsky by Nikolai Kolesov mean in the management of “Russian Helicopters”?

So, what we wrote about last time happened. Accountant Andrey Boginsky ceased to be a helicopter pilot, and his place as head of the Russian Helicopters holding was taken by the notorious Doctor of Economics Nikolai Kolesov.

All public activities of Nikolai Kolesosv since 2007, when he became governor of the Amur Region, were accompanied by scandals.

Then all his comrades-in-arms, who arrived with him in Blagoveshchensk from Kazan, turned out to be defendants in criminal cases – Minister of Health of the Amur Region Ramil Turaev, Minister of Agriculture of the Region Nikolai Titov, Head of the Public Procurement Department Anvar Gainutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Guzaliya Minkina and Minister of Construction Andrei Belov. And these are only publicly highlighted cases that have not been hushed up!

That the cost of repairing the cabinet of the Amur governor amounted to about 150 million rubles, which, of course, indignant local deputies. What is the price of your own comfort!

That Kolesov got involved in such a “fight” with local communists that even Gennady Zyuganov himself and the legal department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation sent inquiries to the General Prosecutor’s Office in 2008, demanding that a criminal case be initiated against Kolesov. And the local faction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the regional legislative assembly of the region appealed to the President of Russia with a request to remove Kolesov from the post of governor, stating that his policy “discredits the state power.”

Much more can be recalled from the art of Nikolai Alexandrovich, if we turn to the information from the times of his more than short governorship. After spending a little over a year in the Amur region, Kolesov was dismissed from the post of governor by the then President of the country Dmitry Medvedev with the wording “of his own free will.”

Tellingly, even in those days, Nikolai Kolesov was called in no other way than “the man of Sergei Chemezov.” That, in general, was confirmed a year after the governor’s resignation, when in 2009 he headed the Concern Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) of the state corporation Rostec. It seems that dedication continues to matter more in his career than professional qualities.

It turns out that from the director of the Elekon plant in Kazan, which most Russians had never heard of, Nikolai Kolesov, in two years, including taking into account the unsuccessful experience of the governorship, became the head of the country’s largest holding. After all, KRET includes more than 70 enterprises engaged in the development and production of radio-electronic products – an integrated developer, manufacturer and supplier of modern integrated systems of radio-electronic equipment for civil and military purposes. Quite good and fast-paced career, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, despite the change in activity, Kolesov endlessly continued to “plunge” into various scandals.

For example, relatively recently, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a fire broke out in St. George’s hospital in St. Petersburg due to faulty Aventa-M ventilators produced by one of the concern’s factories. They immediately started talking about the fact that KRET was supposedly buying components for medical equipment from China, and not of the best quality. In particular, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” wrote about this in a publication with an extraordinary title “Yes, the details are from China, but why bother panic”.

Yes, and we did not leave this issue unattended in the “American Gambit of General Chemezov.”

And after Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Kompaniya magazine directly writes that Kolesov and his family have built a multibillion-dollar private business, indicating that he and his children own Tatsotsbank, luxury real estate in St. Petersburg, the largest car dealer in Tatarstan and others companies. All of them earn on government orders, including from Rostec enterprises, as can be seen from government purchases.”

But back to Russian Helicopters. The resignation of Andrei Boginsky is quite natural. We have written a lot about this character, literally from the time of his appointment. At the very beginning of our previous article, we wrote: “If the management of the Rostec state corporation does not change their minds by this time, then Dr. Kolesov will become the new main helicopter pilot in Russia.” The leadership, as we can see, did not change its mind. Moreover, Nikolai Kolesov, who, as far as we know, is not determined, is determined, immediately after taking office, to carry out a lightning saber attack and dismiss all directors of the enterprises belonging to the helicopter holding, putting his own people in their place. And he plans to start this, allegedly from the second week of December, removing the managing director of one of the key plants of the holding – the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

However, placing your people, regardless of their need and usefulness, literacy and competence, organizational skills and respect of the team, seems to be in the order of things in today’s personnel policy. Say what you like, Nikolai Kolesov is also someone’s protégé. And he was appointed to this post, in the opinion of many observers, by no means in order to recreate the helicopter industry destroyed by the “effective managers” of the last decades.

Let’s see. In any case, we in no way intend to leave the helicopter theme, so to speak, “unattended.” Who knows, maybe the previous scandals will seem only “flowers”?…

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