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Новости со всего мира: от политики до мира цифровых технологий

Regulators in Europe and individual countries – Great Britain, Belgium, Lithuania and Estonia, India and New Zealand are ringing bells and reporting excessive investment risks in Skyway Invest Group (SWIG), which has promised huge returns to its investor for more than 10 years thanks to investments in string transport … The company is not happy either in Germany or in Italy, but Skyway has reached African countries, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam (the list is far from complete). Regulators say the company has signs of a pyramid scheme. The company wanted to attract 15% of the world’s population to projects.


But Skyway employees collected money not from Europeans, but primarily from citizens of Russia and the CIS. Although the Skyway schemes were chewed in detail by the representatives of the Bank of Russia. The Central Bank is pulling with the inclusion of Skyway projects and their natives in the lists of financial pyramids, law enforcement agencies are inactive.

Several characters were in charge of the project. The public figure is engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy, and Viktor Morozov, who has gone into the shadows, was also among the organizers. Before the accusations of foreign regulators, he spoke publicly and actively talked about his participation in the project. He is also associated with the notorious financial pyramid “Cashbury”, where several billion rubles were stolen.

Other Skyway participants are also noteworthy. Among them are numerous employees of the pyramids and networkers. Among them, a number of participants in fundraising in the MMM pyramids – Sergei Semenov and Ruben Mejlumyan.


Let us dwell separately on another top manager of Skyway, Andrei Khovratov. He has his own investor education school and the “Geniuses of Finance” program. He attracted clients not only to Skyway, but also to the Cryptounit cryptocurrency. Khovratov promised investors to earn up to 12% per month.


In Russia, Khovratov not only raised money at Skyway, but also sued newspapers that accused the company of building a pyramid scheme. But he lost the lawsuit.


Skyway actively advertised on Youtube, held festivals and was one of the first to illegally use the image of President Vladimir Putin in its advertisements.

The Skyway project has been repeatedly brought in for evaluation and allocation of budgetary funding for former President Dmitry Medvedev. Only the eccentric governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Morozov, believed in him. But the now former governor did not succeed in promoting Medvedev on an adventure. But in 2006, the technology interested the developer Sergei Polonsky and he wanted to launch a string transport between the towers in Moscow City, but this did not work out. Allegedly, Polonsky could have lost several million dollars on this idea.

To convince investors of the need to invest in string transport, the company built its carts not in Moscow City, but on cables in the town of Maryina Gorka in Belarus. One of the tests ended in an accident and the cart flew apart after hitting the truck.


Actor and Just Russia party member Steven Seagal was brought to ride on Skyway trolleys.

Experts studied the technology of “string transport”, but it was completely destroyed – at the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, they came to the conclusion that Yunitskiy’s project was “unviable and unsafe.” Norayr Bludyan, head of the department of road transport at MADI, is sure that from a technical point of view, string transport is an absolutely unrealistic project.

String transport didn’t help the investors earn money, but it did help the barkers. Skyway had its own referral program, where more than 20% of the funds raised were offered for attracting customers.


Skyway employees made good money and went into new projects. Now they have begun to attract money to launch new “technological” startups – Sergei Semenov and Sergei Sibiryakov are now in Duyunov Engines (Zelenograd), Ruben Mejlumyan left for Helvmotors (a new electric motor, allegedly Las Vegas), Vladimir Uzlov, Vladimir Zharkevich and Igor Dubatovka (all three in ADGEX, ostensibly Sydney). In these projects, they are doing about the same thing – they attract money for technologies whose performance is difficult for an ordinary person to check. For example, they promised to use Duyunov’s Wheels from another company on Zetta electric cars under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, but after the allocation of grants for 500 million rubles, serial production was not started. But a criminal case was opened against the company’s management due to non-payment of salaries.

Andrey Khovratov spends the most money in promoting new businesses in Moscow. Unlike his colleagues, he does not make money on pseudo-technologies, but launched a whole group of new brands on the investment market – the Academy of a Private Investor, the Evorich mlm program, promotes his cryptocurrencies – АCryptounit, Vsru tokens (WCRU) and others.

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