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At 33, drug lord Egor Burkin, aka Levchenko, Egor managed to become a dollar multimillionaire thanks to corruption in Ukraine, where he has a network of drug laboratories. What is known about him?

Where is the leader of the Khimprom drug syndicate hiding?

Egor Burkin, a native of Bashkiria, celebrated his birthday on October 24 in the Mexican city of Cancun, where he lives with his friends in a large mansion, often going out to sea on the Sunseeker Predator yacht. He is known here as a major businessman with projects in the CIS countries.

егор буркин

Egor Burkin aboard his yacht “Sunseeker Predator”

Among the local drug cartels, he is also known as the Mexican – the leader of the largest international drug syndicate in the CIS, Khimprom. Burkin is hiding in Mexico from law enforcement officers in Russia and Ukraine, who have recognized the drug lord as a threat to national security. However, he continues to manage an extensive network of his drug laboratories in Ukraine, from where couriers with dangerous narcotic salts spread to neighboring countries.

Egor Burkin often gets in touch in a strange state

How the Khimprom drug cartel appeared

Burkin was born on October 24, 1989 in Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan). He made a bet on two relatively new types of synthetic drugs – mephedrone (or simply mef) and Alpha-PVP – salt. Moreover, the Khimprom organized crime group he created became a kind of pioneer of this “synthetics” that turns people into aggressive zombies. Under the salts, murders, suicides and self-harm are often committed.

For the time being, synthetics were sold quite legally in Russia under the guise of bath salts, fish food or fertilizer. Only in 2014, salts were included in the lists of prohibited drugs, after which Burkin was arrested for creating an organized criminal group (part 1 of article 210 of the Criminal Code). Despite the severity of the charges, Burkin was released on bail thanks to his excellent connections and big money and fled to neighboring Ukraine, where hostilities were going on by that time.

буркин егор химпром

Screenshot: website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Burkin had a clear and working model of the drug business, which interested the local security forces. According to Life’s source, after the conclusion of the Minsk agreements in the Ukrainian part of the Donbass, a network of drug laboratories was opened under the control of the military-civilian administration, which was supervised by a high-ranking official. The restarted Khimprom organized crime group Burkina acquired a roof in the face of the security forces and even some kind of ideological base – the fight against Russia through the spread of drugs. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, Burkin acquired a Ukrainian passport and became Eegor Vasilyevich Levchenko. According to the databases, he lived in Kyiv on the most fashionable street – Reytarskaya, 35, apt. 15.

буркин егор

At the beginning of 2015, advertisements for “highly paid jobs” in the drug cartel were pasted all over Ukraine. Entire recruiting agencies worked in Kyiv, selecting personnel for Khimprom. Applicants were invited to a hotel room on Khreshchatyk, where they took a polygraph. Preference was given to candidates with a negative attitude towards Ukraine.

The recruited drug couriers and freight forwarders were provided with bank cards, money and means of communication, and then they were parachuted into Russia, where they established salt trade in large regional centers. Drugs were sold through Internet sites and chat bots in the Telegram messenger, payment was accepted in cryptocurrency.

On the territory of Ukraine, the organized crime group opened approximately 20 offices, which employed about two hundred operators who traded drugs in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The couriers themselves received a penny, the main profit went to Kyiv, and it was laundered through trade, construction and the restaurant business. Part of the money was directed to nationalist organizations.

The then deputy head of the SBU Pavel Demchina spoke about the strict rules established within the group itself:

– For any violation of the rules of conspiracy, behavior, unauthorized contacts or the use of personal mobile phones in the workplace, specially trained people came and simply chopped off their fingers.

The annual turnover of this large syndicate for the production of synthetics was about two billion rubles. Hundreds of thousands of young people in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have become heavy drug addicts.

How they fought the Khimprom drug cartel

In February 2017, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB carried out a large-scale operation to liquidate Khimprom and detained 67 members of the drug syndicate, including 47 citizens of Ukraine.

More than four tons of mephedrone and salts were seized from illicit trafficking. The investigators also found three and a half tons of precursors, 250 pieces of laboratory equipment, nine cars and eighteen Russian passports with signs of forgery.

буркин егор

левченко егор

Drug laboratory “Khimprom”. Photo: Frame from the operational video of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

After the defeat in Russia, Khimprom began to explore the market of drug addicts in Ukraine. The head of the group, Eegor Burkin, tried to bribe lobbyists in the Verkhovna Rada. Ukrainian journalists reported that for the dismissal of the prosecutor in the Khimprom case, Roman Zarichansky, the drug lord allegedly gave half a million dollars. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian security forces decided to destroy the organized crime groups.

In March 2019, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the SBU carried out the largest special operation in the history of modern Ukraine, during which about 70 searches were carried out simultaneously, and the activities of 15 illegal offices of Khimprom were stopped. 30 active members of the group were arrested, drugs, weapons and explosives were confiscated from them, as well as about 35 elite cars.


Левченко Егор

Khimprom, Egor Burkin (Egor Levchenko) and SBU searches

Despite the interest of the security forces, Burkin managed to escape again. “Khimprom” continues to work. The most dangerous salts continue to flood the CIS countries, crippling someone’s fate, while the drug lord is resting on his yacht in Cancun.

Original text in Russian: Где скрывается международный преступник и главарь ОПГ “Химпром” Егор Буркин (Левченко)

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