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Who leads the billionaire official Ilnar Mirsiyapov up the career ladder, shielding from the interest of the FSB?


The story of the rise of Ilnar Mirsiyapov is quite interesting even by Russian standards – his career is striking in swiftness. In less than forty years, Mirsiyapov rose to the position of assistant to the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov.

This career rise is even more striking against the backdrop of a spy scandal, which, by all indications, should have ruined this young talent a few years ago. Then Mirsiyapov worked in one of the largest state corporations, Inter RAO, as the head of the Strategy and Investment Block. And he got into development in connection with the conviction of his close colleague Karina Turcan for espionage in favor of Moldova. More about this strange story a little later, but it should have put an end to, at least, the career of Ilnar Mirsiyapov – he had to leave not only from his leadership position, but from Inter RAO in general.

However, contrary to expectations, Mirsiyapov was invited to the government of the Russian Federation – and not just as a clerk, but immediately to the post of deputy head of the secretariat of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. What is no longer just interesting, but very interesting – he overcame the path to the Government in a little less than 20 years. And even the spy scandal did not prevent this.

Let us briefly recall the essence of this strange “espionage” in favor of Moldova. According to the prosecution, Turcan “in order to fulfill the tasks assigned to her by the Moldovan special service out of selfish motives, realizing that the information received on the supply of electricity in a certain period from the Russian Federation to the territory of Ukraine, the projected volumes of supply and the amount of power constitute a state secret, no later than September 29 2015 through a closed communication channel” handed them over to the Moldovan special service.

However, we may be mistaken and the word “espionage” in this case should be written without quotes, since it really was. But be that as it may, the main character of this story, Karina Tsurkan, a member of the board of PJSC Inter RAO (from 2012 to 2018), went to prison on this charge.

And Mirsiyapov was quietly fired by decision of the holding’s board. According to a source close to the holding’s board, this was due to audio recordings that Inter RAO employees received by mail. Although Inter RAO itself explained this dismissal with “personnel changes”.

But, most likely, there were no “personnel changes” – Mirsiyapov was simply given the opportunity to sit out in silence, since, from the height of actually the second person in Inter RAO, he had to leave for the position of a modest head of the hotel at Promsvyazbank. When the spy scandal subsided, Mirsiyapov was taken to the government – in 2020 he receives his current position in the apparatus of the First Deputy Prime Minister.

It was rumored that Sergey Kiriyenko, who had previously been Mirsiyapov’s boss at Rosatom, helped get this position. However, there is another version – allegedly this is Chubais’ “multi-move” designed to compromise Belousov after his initiatives to tighten control over the income of oligarchic groups.

Because almost immediately after being appointed to Belousov’s office, a new scandal arises around the name of Ilnar Mirsiyapov – telegram channels were full of reports that the official had fled and was on the federal wanted list on suspicion of committing fraud using his official position.

Ilnar Mirsiyapov

What it was – a conscious lie thrown into the information space by someone, or whether Mirsiyapov really had to endure several unpleasant weeks and “decide the issue” of closing the criminal case is still unclear. But after some period of turbulence, he remained in his position. And he began to actively clean the Internet from all the negativity associated with his name:

Мирсияпов Ильнар

And there were quite a few of those. And Mirsiyapov’s work in this regard is not an open end. It is known that the official cleans up two things most actively – mentions of his participation in a spy scandal and reports on his financial situation.

Even during the trial of Karina Tsurkan, someone “leaked” (apparently, only partially) the materials that came to the e-mail of the Inter RAO management. These were audio recordings of conversations between managers of the state corporation, including Tsurkan and Mirsiyapov. Theft, the transfer of state facilities to private ownership and the leaking of secret data to the West were nonchalantly discussed.

Mirsiyapov’s colleague at Inter RAO, Karina Tsurkan, was so unlucky as a result of the scandal – she sat down for 15 years. The case itself and the verdict raise many questions, but the point is not that, but that one of the defendants sat down, and for some reason the second was given the opportunity to sit out in Promsvyazbank. Apparently, it is these details that worry Mirsiyapov, which is why he is trying to clean everything up.

After being appointed to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, information appeared on the network about the luxurious life of Ilnar Mirsiyapov, who, having worked for the state almost all his life, suddenly turned out to be a billionaire at a fairly young age – we recall that Ilnar was born in 1982.

So, he has an apartment of about 500 square meters in the elite residential complex “Knightsbridge Private Park”. The cost of such apartments can reach 500 million rubles. In addition to the apartment, Mirsiyapov has two parking spaces with an area of ​​20 square meters. Without an additional source of funds, such property is definitely not affordable.

Also noteworthy is Mirsiyapov’s passion for expensive cars. Like all wealthy people, he drives with prominent AAA numbers. So, in its fleet you can find Mercedes AMG GLE 63S, Land Rover, Range Rover and Mercedes s560 Maybach.


And this is only what is known and what Mirsiyapov himself does not seek to hide. And here the question arises – how did you manage to make all this in less than forty years? And why is Mirsiyapov so afraid that someone will link two things – espionage, for which Tsurkan was imprisoned, and he was quietly fired, and his well-being?

Maybe, of course, this is another “conspiracy theory”, but everything looks rather strange. In addition, it is not clear what happened with the announcement of Mirsiyapov on the federal wanted list – is it a fake or are these echoes of some kind of showdown at the very top of power?

Again – who is leading Mirsiyapov through all these thorns to the heights of power all these years? Judge for yourself – the career is the fastest. In 2003, he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), and since 2004 he has already started working in a large enterprise – OAO AK Transneft. No sooner had he received the title of candidate of sociological sciences in 2006 than he already got a job at Rosatom in a senior position. Year after year, Ilnar Ilbatyrovich acquired all kinds of crusts, diplomas and received promotion after promotion: in 2008 he was already deputy director of the Corporate Governance and Development Department of Rosatom. Phenomenal career growth in 5 years.

Ильнар Ильбатырович Мирсияпов

Since December 2009 — Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Inter RAO. Further – promotion in this state monopoly, espionage scandal, resignation and – transition to the government of the Russian Federation.

Who helps a young talent from provincial Chistopol make a career? Chubais? Kiriyenko? There are no answers to these questions. As well as how it all ends.

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